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Happy Baking =
happy Kids

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What We Do

- How to develop a lifelong skill by learning baking and cooking in Smart Junior Chef.

- How to build your child’s responsibility, self-esteem, self-discipline and independent through the teaching method in Smart Junior Chef where they will wash their own equipment and clean up by their own during the class.

- How to expand their creativity by experiencing new food products.

- How to understand the kitchen safety which is very important for the kids nowadays.

- How to build confidence and teamwork by working with other kids.

- How to increase your child problem solving skill by showing them what to do and how to overcome the challenges when their bake goods are not perfect.

Our Mission

- Every children able to develop life-long

- Skill through smart junior chef.


- Now every kid can cook.

- Gain basic culinary skill since young.

Programs & Events

- Baking & Cooking Monthly Classes

- Holiday workshops

- Corporate Event

"     Our kids enjoy so much!     "

At Smart Junior Chef, it’s not only about baking. Our daughters also learnt how to clean up, and some Mathematics too, indirectly (numbers and measurements). The best part is, of course, when they tell us gleefully after class “We baked this today, for you”


About us

Smart Junior Chef was started since year 2014. It is a perfect place for children who aged 4 years old and above to experience what they couldn’t do in the kitchen at home. Smart Junior Chef is the perfect recipe for teaching children that baking and cooking is enduring life skill that can be creative, artistic and sometimes magical.

Each classes enable the child to learn the kitchen basics such as proper food handling and preparation, cooking and baking techniques, kitchen safety, reading recipe and experiencing new food product. During each session the children have fun with hands-on gastronomic experiments and recipes and they are encouraged to explore their creativity in a fun way. Children get involved in the whole cooking process from reading the recipes to making the food.

- Our program is suitable for children aged 4 - 17 years old 

Parents who want their children to learn Cooking and Baking Skills

- Parents who want their children to experience the real kitchen

- Parents who want to help their children to be creative and independent 

Smart Junior Chef is the perfect recipe for teaching children that baking and cooking is enduring life skill that can be creative, artistic and sometimes magical.

Our role is to inspire their talent, understand their responsibility, increase self-esteem, creativeness, self-discipline, work independent or work as a team and patient.


If you would like to let your kid to try out our full hands-on experience in Smart Junior Chef, Don't Miss Out the chance, grab a trial today!

Get 2 trial class pass now at only Rm 118 !

Enjoy the INSTANT CASHBACK of Rm 118 upon sign up our monthly program! 

area we serve

Our learning environment will influence the young children to give out the creativity and talent in the kitchen yet experiencing hands-on and independent cooking.

We are so excited to see you soon!

Bandar Kinrara Branch  

Address: 24-2, Jalan Bk 5A/3B, Bandar Kinrara, Puchong, 47180 Selangor

Contact: 012-242 8939 

Bukit Puchong Branch

 Address: No. 2-1, Jalan Mutiara Indah 1/1, Taman Mutiara Indah, Puchong 47180 Selangor

Contact: 016-338 1242 

USJ Branch  

Address: No. 28-2, Jalan USJ9/5P, 47620 Subang Jaya

Contact: 016-969 9960

Brunei Branch  

Address: Bangunan M.J.J.R Unit No.6, Bloack A, Lot No. 8981, Jalan Jaya Negara, Kuala Belait 

Contact: +673 864 6837 

Smart Junior Chef have successfully listed a new Malaysia Book of Records, earning with the title of "The Most Number of Cookies Used in a Domino Effect" with a total number of 5390 handmade cookies!

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